A Virtual Stafford

Having read an article about 'Virtual Dogs' in a recent publication, I purchased a Virtual Stafford shortly after, and thought you might be interested in several discoveries I made...

 Rowan Kennedy, author of this article pictured with "Jessie"

I installed it on my computer as instructed and, despitespecifying which files I wanted it to occupy, it immediately made free with my entire drive. I found it to be a memory hog leaving few sytem resources (like Blanket, Couch and Food options on the Tool menu) for other programs. Several of my favourite applications, such as QuietStroll 2.0, PeacefulNight 5.3 and TeaTime 4.6, ceased to run properly after the Virtual Stafford was installed, though they always worked fine before. A further nuisance was the Stafford icon being constantly on the screen in front of me, whatever else I may be doing.

My Virtual KittyCat is nowhere to be found and I was forced to delete my Hamster ScreenSaver for its own good after I accidentally let it come on while I was using the Stafford program. I also found after I had turned my computer off for a while, that expesive trainers 13.9 had been totally destroyed.

Running the program itself is extremely enjoyable, and I have just managed to get used to finding either nothing at all or the complete opposite to what I want to happen everytime I use a command. And once, when I tried to access the Virtual Stafford Web Page on the Internet, my computer went berserk on the chat page, apparantly due to some kind of compatibility problem between my program and other users'.

The program has its definite good points, however. I no longer, for example, have to use the HotWaterBottle 3.5 program, and UpHillStruggle Plus is considerably easier to run. The most surprising aspect was the 'Rescue' Virus which, along with a Cyber-Bob, came free of charge with the uninstall facility. I don't think I'll be needing it though, I love this program far too much.

Follow the progress of "Jessie", Rowan's beloved real life companion who was adopted from Northern SBT Rescue and has her own website!

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